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VRBX is a transformational virtual reality Bible engagement platform for all generations.

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What is VRBX?

VRBX gives you easy-to-use, innovative VR tools to host virtual reality Bible experiences at your location for children, young people and families to immerse themselves in God’s Word.

Bible experiences for every audience.

VRBX is a complete cross-generational Bible engagement solution for churches, universities, ministries, schools, and families.

Immersive games your kids will beg you to play.

In DVG: Conquering Goliath the greatest duel ever fought is brought to life by visual-effects designers that worked on blockbuster movies such as Transformers, The Hobbit, and Avatar.

Host amazing immersive VRBX experiences at your location.

Youth nights, Outreach, Fundraisers, Student Activities, Small groups. We provide you everything you need to host an on-going program or one-time events.
Young People's Arenas of life

These are the places and spaces where young people spend their time. We equip them to see these as their current mission fields for God.


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